Diem Duroil Massage Cream 30 g


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This famous delay cream works amazingly in prolonging men's ejaculation. There should be no shame attached to per-mature ejaculation. It greatly lengthened periods of excitement and a significant increase in the ability to maintain intercourse is what you can come to expect from continued use of this product.

It enhances love making and is discreetly in pocket sized enabling men to regain ejaculatory control and have extended love making sessions to ensuring their partner is satisfied again and again.


Q) How long does it last?
A) The results vary depending on the individual, but on average the product normally lasts 30-45 mins. per application.

Q) Will it desensitize my partner?
A) If only the suggested amount is used and there is a 5 minute allowance for the product to be absorbed, rinse with water after 5 minutes and there will be no desensitizing effect to your partner.

Q) How to applied?
A) Simply apply twice or thrice on the head and shaft of the penis and gently massage for 30 sec, rinse with water after 5 minutes and you are ready for a longer and more satisfying love making.